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We listen. We create. 

As a leading firm established in Northcote in 2008, Statkus Architecture has been creating carefully curated, responsive homes that shine, reflect and stimulate.

In a world of increasing sameness, we aspire to avoid fleeting fashion, resulting in responsive architecture enduring beyond the latest design trends. Inspired by the natural world and the specificities of family, place and environment, our designs emphasize beauty, flexibility and purpose. We’re passionate about what we do and know that what matters most is the vision of our clients. Get in touch to learn more about our work and what we can do for you.

Our most recently completed project, dubbed the disco house, given a rotating mirror ball is located over a curved stair and under a circular skylight. While the mirror ball reflects sunlight, moonlight and strategically placed stage lights, the house itself has been configured to bring natural light to the central hub of the house, allowing a daily dance of light and shadow across the interior.  


This was a complete renovation and upper storey extension to an inner Melbourne house inspired by music and cooking and a thorough investigation into the typology of the existing Victorian house along with a previous 2000s designed extension. 


For pals Georgie & Nick, this was a lengthy but rewarding project that comprised an extension to a single fronted masonry Victorian terrace house. 

We teased out many design iterations from a suspended Monkey Magic cloud studio, dramatically formed ceilings and ultimately a sprung roofed rear extension linked to the original house by  a curved gallery hall of polished concrete, cedar and polished venetian plaster. 

Crafted on site by Rob and his team from Superior Melbourne Homes, we are proud of the outcome and are privileged to have been able to enjoy the house with the owners over a few glasses of wine, good times and BBQs.


We were initially engaged to review the carport configuration for this wonderfully located house that backs onto a well used local park. The family and community minded clients expanded the brief, resulting in an extensively reconfigured, renovated and extending family home.


Formally, this project engages with how a sustainable and contemporary approach responds positively to the ubiquitous bungalow family house typology. 


The landscape by Ben Saunders Landscaping is establishing well and growing, along with the family, while we hope the house will continue to provide a comfortable, enjoyable and engaging backdrop. 



51 Simpson St, Northcote VIC 3070, Australia

03 9482 2201

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