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Currawong Falls Creek

Currawong references memory in relation to the unfamiliarity that accompanies the first visit to a very different climate; that first ski holiday. The air is thinner, UV higher, flora unique, the cold, snow and ice snaps the body into a new consciousness; a place where even the road line markings are a different colour.


Visually, the building references the smooth and white to light grey or sometimes brown-red peeling bark colours of the Eucalyptus Pauciflora (Snow Gums) which sheds in strips to give a camouflaged appearance, deconstructing the forms of their trunks.


A solid Glenrowan Granite plinth bookends the south east corner and along with the striated cladding, the building contrasts against the white of winter, celebrating the season, while fitting in more comfortably with the bush tones of the warmer months, enabling beauty of the landscape to take front stage.


Utilising colour psychology, the bright yellow south facing entrances look to lift the spirits of the returning skier- ­­wet and worn from a day on the snow.


Building materials have been carefully selected for this extreme climate, robust, hard wearing materials, high performance, thermally separated double glazed windows improving thermal efficiency while celebrating the village with a playful, new winter coat.

When we remember holidays, we might recall moments, snippets, perhaps certain details, but not necessarily floor plans, electrical layouts; it is within this space that this project sits.

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