Newport Newback

A Masonry, concrete and glass extension acts as a complementary counterpoint to an original cream brick and weatherboard cottage in Newport.


The extension takes advantage of the site's northerly and yard orientation; a series of coloured glass panels provide filtered abstracted views to the yard. Spaces are interconnected and open, yet have the ability to be closed off physically and visually. A contextual interest in curved forms is expressed in a number of building elements, from a paved slab, curved canopy and an interplay between half arched doorways offset by curving corners on perpendicular walls.


Photos by Matthew Mallett

Filtered morning light shines through coloured glass providing ever changing patterns on polished concrete. A study space is connected to, yet hidden by a living AV wall through what we like to call half arched doorways

From the Owners:


Statkus Architecture designed and administrated the contract of our home extension in Newport. They also helped with the design (and added some wow factor - CURVED YELLOW ACRYLIC WALL!! So awesome) of the existing house where the majority was renovated as owner builder to help us keep the build costs down a little. 

Ben and the team were lovely to deal with right from the start. We actually met with Ben to discuss the design/build process prior to us even purchasing our new home. Ben didn't miss a beat on our design brief, everything was covered even better than we could have imagined. He really did listen to what we had to say all the way through the project. 

It was wonderful meeting Ben on site and seeing how excited he was with the progress, you could really see how much he loved his job. I can still remember meeting him on site early on in the project when we could barely find a floor that hadn't been ripped up for him to roll out the plans and explain the idea of the above mentioned CURVED YELLOW ACRYLIC WALL! You could just see the excitement spilling out of him! Just wonderful! 

He had a great relationship with our builders which helped the project run smoothly and I can recall our builder saying Ben's plans were very detailed and the pretty pictures (clearly not the technical term and not the exact words of the builder) that were in the plans were really helpful to visualise the project. 

We are over the moon with the final product and love living in our new home. It suits our little family perfectly! We are looking forward to working with Ben and the team again one day.