Moonee Ponds

Mixed Use

The owners recently purchased this iconic property in  Moonee Ponds after having walked past it for nearly 30 years.


The existing Victorian era freestanding building originally constructed in the 1880s or 1890s comprises a basement, ground floor commercial bottle shop on the ground floor and a disused residence above and behind the shop.

The primary design response is to retain and restore as much of the original building (built form) as possible, including the west, north and south facades with minimal architectural interventions in response to the proposed building program, and in response to contemporary living. 

The front parapet façade is proposed to be restored, with the paint removed and repainting/rendering to selected features of the building. All windows are to be replaced with new double glazed, double hung sash windows to match the existing, original (but rotted) windows. 

Internally, the plan configuration has been designed in response to the existing room configurations, aiming to retain as many of the original walls as possible, resulting in an unusual double hall configuration. 

New building elements are proposed to the rear of the site that are contemporary in nature to clearly define original, heritage built form from the proposed new building elements and have been proposed to minimize demolition and visual disruption to the original brick building. ​


The new zinc shingle clad upper storey extension is contemporary, yet recessive in nature, deliberately defining old from new without dominating the existing building and streetscape character.  




Façade articulation, detailing, window and door proportions, roof and façade forms are contextually and responsively designed so that they are:
• Not replicative of the Victorian building typology
•  Contemporary in nature, yet complementary to the Victorian building typology.