East Brunswick Renovation & Extension 1

Completed November 2013.


A free standing clinker brick house has been transformed into a sustainable, family home that has retained the majority of the existing house, strategically extending to the west to create a new entry and home office, to the north to create a new garage, ensuite, laundry and covered deck and to the east to create a larger living space in between a new kitchen and a new landscaped yard and pool.


A limited palette of materials and colours in the new responds to the existing house and landscape, particularly the iron oxide in the clinker bricks, while introducing a neutral palette highlighted by a series of blue elements.


The challenge during the schematic design stage was how to retain and make the most of the existing house configuration and embodied energy while providing separately zoned living, work, rest and play spaces.


Every space in the house has been worked, resulting in a new flexible and adaptable home that engages with the streetscape, the external yard areas and the daily and seasonal environmental and living cycles.


Photos by Matthew Mallett