The proposed project, a relocated timber church located in regional Victoria has previously been converted into a dwelling is proposed to be extended eastwards, doubling the volume of the building while retaining the original church building. This new building centrally locates a large foodie's kitchen within a high ceilinged internal space in a food centric celebration. Embracing morning sun, the new building provides a retreat and escape from the daily grind while allowing a strong visual and physical engagement with the environment; a varied site featuring native forest, an orchard, botanic garden planted by the previous owner a landscape architect, a seasonal waterway, evidence of previous mining activity plus the occasional rabbit and fox. A suspended form hangs over the kitchen which is both an oversized light source and a mezzanine bedroom, robe and ensuite.


The new building form is intended as a clearly contemporary new element that celebrates the gable roof, expressed internally that sits under and behind the form of the existing church responding to heritage requirements that the new works are not visible when viewed from the front of the church.

A double storey artist's studio, guest house is proposed on the eastern end of the pool, amongst native bushland.


The north facing roof will house a large solar PV array, while a chemical free swimming pool will offer recreational respite from the heat and water garden while also serving as a water storage system for the array of sprinklers located on the roof in response to the threat of ember attack in hte event of a bushfire.


Locally sourced rock is the proposed primary wall material, a solid heavy counterpoint to the lightweight weatherboard church, while tall double glazed windows strategically oriented with eaves to maximise winter heat gain while minimising summer heat gain, utilising basic passive design principles.