Currently under construction, this new house in Northcote responds to it its  strong Victorian streetscape context.


We are interested in what is a contemporary home within this context? How can it respond to a sustainable context, what can we learn from and improve on in terms of the Victorian single fronter?

There's an interest in the past, the present and the future in this project.

Layering, pattern, Victorian typology, lacework, sandstone, light, privacy, multi-occupancy arrangements, texture, contrast, the cats, past, present, future triptych.

These have informed some of our initial modes of inquiry, resulting in a hybridized response to the each of the two adjacent houses with new contemporaneous building forms to the rear responsive to solar orientation, yard views and adjacent building forms creating a building typology specific to this site and immediate context.

The project references and reinterprets historic housing stock, yet pursues contemporary forms, materials and proportions that respond to urban context. environmental context (solar, wind, passive heating & cooling etc) proposing current materials and building systems.


Barry House Northcote