Ascot Vale Edwardian Thong

Residential Extension

A contemporary take on the Edwardian house typology, this extension and renovation to a brick clad, slate roofed Edwardian house was completed in May 2017.


This has transformed the house from a dark 2 bedroom home into a restored 3 bedroom home with a complementary, contemporary extension comprising a new bathroom, powder room, laundry, kitchen, dining and living spaces. 

The existing house did not take advantage of its northerly yard orientation, was quite dark and reliant on powered lighting and heating systems. The rear section of the house was also quite compartmentalised, with very little visual access to the yard.

The design challenge was how to respond to the brief on a tight site with double storey houses to the rear and side. 

Our response was an extension comprising a low slung roof, supported by curved walls to maximise the sense of space with visual protection from neighbouring second storey windows. Three circular skylights allow natural light deep into the floor plate, also providing a daily play of ever changing light patterns internally.  

Photos by Nic Granleese

The external cladding of the extension comprises a combination of classic solid red and cream bricks laid in a vertical configuration, resulting in a visually connected, yet identifiable new element to the existing house.

From the Owners:

September 2017

From the start, the Statkus Architecture team showed an amazing level of creative design and flair, with the result being a wonderful renovation and extension that exceeded our expectations. We now have a beautiful, stylish but practical home that has recharged the existing period features of an old Edwardian semi-detached to sit comfortably beside modern architecture.

With Statkus Architecture there was always exceptionally clear communication, with nothing ever being beyond one more explanation to make sure we understood all the options available. We were always kept informed about any issue as it arose during the build, and discussion or negotiation to resolve any issue was simple and straight forward. Statkus Architecture had a very positive working relationship with the building contractors and effectively negotiated with them and the local authorities when required. 

Statkus Architecture had a sound understanding of all aspects related to the designing, planning and building phases, with costs being within budget and never a surprise. 

We would recommend Statkus Architecture to anyone who is looking for enthusiastic creativity, with a high level of professionalism and dedication to quality design.

Environmental Considerations:

Thermal Mass: The existing solid brick home has been improved with new underfloor and ceiling insulation, while the extension comprises and insulated concrete floor slab, insulated brick veneer walls, a highly insulated ceiling, double glazed doors, (there are no new windows in the project) and double-glazed skylights.

Heating: The house makes the most of its northerly yard orientation with strategically formed eaves, allowing winter sun to passively heat a polished concrete slab, assisting the in slab hydronic heating.  

Cooling & Cross Flow Ventilation: The house has no new west windows (2 existing west windows are retained and have the original salvaged external blinds). The rear façade can be completely screened off with a motorised curtain, that when not drawn, forms a fabric wall covering to the dining area. The extension features a tri fold door and two hinged doors, all able to be left open with retractable or hinged insect screening. The front door is able to be left open, yet secure with a lockable screen door, allowing the whole house to be passively cooled or ventilated via cooling southerly winds. 

Lighting: In the extension, circular skylights and north glazing provide sufficient light throughout the day within the extension, even when overcast. All lights are of course LED. In the bathroom, a solar operated shaft less skylight creates the illusion of natural daylight, enhancing daylight filtered through two refurbished translucent glass windows without reliance on mains power.

Water Sensitive Design: All roof runoff water is filtered by rain gardens, one at the front, the other at the rear, while a large portion of the roof area collects to a rain water tank in the rear courtyard, fed by a trio of charged downpipes and underground pipes, increasing the water storage capacity beyond the volume of the rain tank. Both WCs are connected to the rain tank. 

Adaptive Reuse: The extension form has meant that the existing slate roof has been completely untouched or affected by the project, other than to refurbish the existing slate and to replace a small section of slate where a chimney has been removed. The existing exterior brickwork has also been retained, except for a section of brick on the former rear façade to facilitate the new house configuration. These bricks have been reused as paving in the front yard.

This rear extension is a contemporary re-interpretation of a rear lean-to with a flat roof line that sits below the existing slate roof to maintain and enhance the original Edwardian character of the existing house.