2016 Stage 2

2014 Stage 1


The project comprised a renovation to an existing weatherboard house in Northcote. Previously rated at 1.5 stars this is now is a 5.3 star energy rated home with an extensive internal reconfiguration of spaces along with external decking & a new canopy. Once stage 2 is complete, the house will exceed a 6 star rating.


Retaining all the external walls and roof-lines in their current configurations, with new window and door openings along with a major interior reconfiguration of walls and spaces, the renovation has dramatically increased the home's engagement with the environment, improving its livability, accessibility and year round comfort levels through the introduction of large north facing double glazing, combined with increased thermal mass, passive lighting, heating and cooling strategies.


This project embraces the Aussie backyard from the house, not as a celebration of the suburban dream, but rather through the lens of the Marathon.

The sometimes grueling, but rewarding experience of competing in and completing such an event could be considered as analogous to the family unit, throughout its daily, weekly and annual life cycles and growth. The north, yard facing glazed facade, the threshold between inside and outside is considered the beckoning finish line, both end and the beginning.


There's something nice about working with existing buildings and retaining as much as possible and this tends to inform our renovation work


Photos by Matthew Mallett



From the Owners:

Statkus provided us with architectural services and project management for our renovation within the existing house footprint. Ben provided excellent input to the process and provided us with many useful variations while not overriding our initial requirements. His delivery of all documentation was timely and detailed and his relationship with the builder was excellent - not a builder he had worked with before. An excellent result all round.

Around the Corner, Northcote

Following stage 1 renovation works the second stage was undertaken comprising a complete renovation and reconfiguration of the front section of the house along with a new entry deck and canopy. ​

Construction completed July 2016. Landscape works to come.